Insectakid #1


Rated: Teen
Page Count: 20

Hakeem Hudson thought he was just an ordinary human living in a boring little town in Ohio. Working at a coffee house, he has seen a delightful assortment of customers and characters. But one fateful night proves that he has no clue what he is or what is happening in the INSECTA-HECK.

The Reptilians are here whether he likes it or not. They could be his neighbor, boss, or even his loved one. They are on a mission to make the human race extinct by any means necessary. By day, Hakeem Hudson is a 17-year-old barista for Leapin’ Lizard Coffee. But after tonight, he doesn’t know WHAT he is… man, creature, hero, or something brand new.

Writer / Artist: Michael K. Easton
Editor / Letterer: Jordan Lowe
Colorist: Kirsty Easton
Variant Cover Artist: Michael Tyler