Comic Titles

Burt and Woodrow
Status: In Production

Bert and Woodrow are two best friends who have spent their entire lives preparing for the worst. So when Armageddon finally arrives, it’s a vacation compared to the decades of boring jobs and bad breaks these guys are used to. It’s the apocalypse. It’s zombies and demons and ghosts and robots and four horsemen who need to be taken down a peg. It’s an all-ages end-of-the-world comedy. It’s “Bert and Woodrow’s Last Adventure,” by Jordan Lowe, Zach Brooker, Michael K. Easton, and Kristy Easton.

Bluff CreekBuy: Bluff #1   Bluff #2
Read: Bluff #1   Bluff #2
Status: On Hold

“Bluff Creek” is the coming-of-age story of a young sasquatch named Shadow banished from his hidden, insular world in the Pacific Northwest who wanders east across America, and the adventures he has and lessons he learns from the many diverse species of wildlife he encounters along the way. By Jordan Lowe, Jared Lowe, and Ansley Mcdaniel

Heroic 9.0
Status: On Hold

When Monroe and her brother DJ try out their brand new phone, the last thing they expect to see is a nearly-forgotten 1940s comic book hero staring back at them. Now a 7-foot tall relic in colorful spandex is standing in their bedroom on a school night and the time-jumping, body-swapping all-ages adventure called “Hero Up” begins!

The Impossible FamilyBuy: IMP #1   IMP #2
Read: IMP #1   IMP #2
Status: Cancelled

From the Golden Age until today, they’ve always been there for us and each other. Although the next generation may struggle to live up to the legends of yesteryear, this multi-generational group of heroes is more than a team. They’re the Impossible Family. By Michael K. Easton, Kristy Easton and Jordan Lowe.

InsectakidBuy: INS #1   INS #2   INS #3
Read: INS #1   INS #2   INS #3
Status: Ongoing

The Reptilians are here. They could be your neighbor, your boss, or even your loved one. They are on a mission to make the human race extinct. By day, Hakeem Hudson is a 17-year-old barista for Leapin’ Lizard Coffee. By night, he is Insectakid, a hero created to stop them. By Michael K. Easton, Kristy Easton, and Jordan Lowe.

The Moth
Buy: MOTH #1
Read: MOTH #1
Status: Ongoing

Genius inventor Doctor Norton Motte just got an invitation to ply his trade within a top-secret military base tucked away in rural West Virginia. But when he cracks open a door to an otherworldly intelligence, will he save lives or destroy them? Based on Golden Age superhero concepts and the legend of Mothman, “Public Domain Sector: The Moth” is a three-part mini-series from So Pro Comics written by Jordan Lowe, drawn by Michael K. Easton and colored by Kristy Easton.

Short PantsBuy: Graphic Novel
Read: SPR #1   SPR #2   SPR #3
Status: On Hold

Sam Starkey lives an average life. He’s got a job he doesn’t much like, a girlfriend he’s trying hard to hang on to, and a roommate who drives him nuts. The only thing different about Sam is that his pre-teen years were spent as a world-famous kid sidekick. So how does a former child star pushing 30 survive in a world that only remembers him for his short shorts and plucky one-liners? The answer awaits in SHORT PANTS ROMANCE!

Wish Upon A Feather
Buy: WISH #1
Read: WISH #1
Status: One Shot

A fantasy story for young readers about a little girl learning that achieving big dreams doesn’t mean much unless you can share them with the ones you love.

Buy: Graphic Novel
Read: STUCK #1
Status: One Shot

When an object of immense power accidentally falls into the hands of a timid young woman trapped in a dead-end life, the fate of an entire town is suddenly on her shoulders. She can’t understand it. She can’t control it. She can’t remove it. But the deeper it digs into her, the less stuck she finally begins to feel.